"We remember only 10% of what we learn, ~30% when we watch a video , but 90% when we do it ourselves - even as a Simulation !"

From the early days of our inception in 2005, Aten’s foundation has been built on established and proven Scientific Research.

In pursuit of our early attempts in 2005 to bridge the Global Educational divide, leveraging technology, we created one of the first platforms in the world enabling students anywhere to learn from teachers anywhere.

This led us to our development work with the North Carolina State University & Virginia Tech research teams on the impact of Virtual Immersive Learning . Similar research findings by Harvard, Michigan State and others resulted in NSF, ESA & Federation of American Scientists’s publication at the Educational Games Summit of 2005.

Realizing the tremendous potential and possibilities of such an engaging medium of the digital natives, Aten invested heavily into developing and deploying Cerebrum - our Serious Games/Simulations/VOD Hosting Platform and partnering with innovative early adopters such as J P Morgan Chase, Eisai, Biogen Idec and others, taking these as products into the Educational & Corporate Training arena.

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AI/ML & Data Driven Personalized Learning

Further R&D led to the development of our Assessment & Data Tracking Platform - Cerebellum, in 2007 which enabled all kinds of embedded assessments and data tracking including Stealth Assessments thus enabling the ability for our systems to give Instant Formative Feedback as well as in-depth Diagnostic and Summative Assessment Data and Adaptive Intelligence.

It also enabled the transition from solely Multiple Choice Questions based assessments ( where its largely the content knowledge that is being assessed ) to a more accurate and precise measurement of in-depth Practical Application of Knowledge using embedded assessments during Simulations / Serious Games / Role Playing & Decision making scenarios.