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Our team of experts in educational pedagogy, curriculum & instructional design work hand in hand with our expert e-learning design & game development eams in collaboration with subject matter experts from North Carolina Virtual public Schools (NCVPS) to give students a highly engaging, contextual, experiential and meaningful learning environment.

Immersive, Engaging, Interactive learning

Personalized, Competency based Immersive engaging and meaningful learning experiences...


Formative, Adaptive & Diagnostic Assessments

Problem Based Learning with embedded Formative, Adaptive and Diagnostic Stealth Assessments...


Individualized tracking and Data analytics

Real Time Individualized tracking with Customized Data Analytics on Teacher Dashboard...


Data Driven Mastery of Skills

  • Performance Assessment
  • Adaptive Intelligence
  • Stealth Assessments
  • Measures "Action" and "Know How"
  • Individual Skills and Abilities
  • Data Analytics

AI & Analytics driven NextGen Training

Aten Approach

  • Immersive & Ineractive VR / AR Simulations
  • Evidence Centered Design
  • Experimental & Situational
  • Formative Feedback
  • Personalization
  • Performance Based Assessments
  • Stealth Assessments
  • Gamification
  • AI & Predictive Data Analysis

100% Retention of Knowledge!

Our Clients swear by us and 100% of our growth since 2005 has been through word of mouth !

“Its very easy to learn & grasp as a lot of people are hands on . When I can see something and then do it, I learn better !”

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Our Users love our fun, engaging, immersive, game like simulations that give them a feeling of experiencing a variety of situations while being guided by a Personal Mentor!”

Aten Inc is a North Carolina based ( MBE/WBE/HUB ) business and an an Award winning pioneer in the Serious Game/Simulation based Training & Personalized Learning industry, with multiple Fortune 500 clients, involved in early research on Digital Learning / Education since 2006 with North Carolina State University , Virginia Tech & Duke University teams .

Aten’s Award Winning AI Data Driven Personalized learning approach has saved its clients anywhere from $100s of thousands to Millions annually .

Check yours Calculate your cost of not innovating?

  • 2017
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    One of the Key players per world serious game market forecast 2017-2023

  • 2015
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    National Board of Medical Examiners Centennial competition - semifinalist

  • 2012
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    J P Morgan internal award for excellence in innovation

  • 2011
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    Gates Foundation - Nextgen learning challenge finalist

  • 2010
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    Macarthur foundation - Digital & learning Media competition finalist

WE Remember
10% of what we READ
even as a SIMULATION !!

Federation of American Scientists/ESA/NSF Summit on Educational Games 2005

Typical Training Methodology

  • Instructor lead-too much  Theory ( boring ?!?)
  • Non interactive -  Low retention
  • Speed of understanding concepts is   slow
  • Non Individualized  or Personalized
  • NO APPLICATION of knowledge
  • Non objective  / replicable leading to loss of training integrity
  • Not replayable
  • Non scaleable
  • Unidirectional  & Powerpoint / similar
  • Multiple Choice -  Assesses Content knowledge
  • No Embedded assessments   which is along with Training
  • Data Tracking is occasional and not from hire & longitudinally
  • No connected Analytics

Aten AI Data Driven Personalized Learning

  • Replacing instructor to  Personalized Coach
  • Experiential learning  based on daily Job
  • Repeatable,Reliable, Same, Exact & Objective overtime for everyone
  • 100 % Application of learning  from day 1
  • Objective Data tracking & Continuous and On-going basis - Life Long
  • AI ,Data Driven Virtual Mentoring & Coaching focussed on each individual


with Artifical Intelligence & Predictive Analytics


with Virtual Mentor & Individualized Feedback


with Mobile, Web and Global Portability

Tremendous EOI

  • Reduced Costs
    • Right Hires
    • Reduced Time to Train
    • Faster Ramp-up
  • Increased Efficiencies
    • Increased & Tracked Effectiveness
    • Reduced Re-trainings
    • Reduced Erros
  • Increased Revenues
    • Enhanced Productivity
    • Enhanced Customer Service
    • Improved Delivery

Virtual Immersive Learning

These Research proven, highly engaging, immersive simulations mimic core experiences that users have in a professional practicum in the field, enabling measurement of different types of learning, tracking of individual strengths / weaknesses and are structured to measure active construction of knowledge, performance on realistic complex tasks and numerous extremely valuable constructs which cannot otherwise be measured.

Initiated by the Department Of Defense, 3D Immersive Simulations using principles of evidence centered design, have been widely researched by Universities/Organizations like National Center for Research on Evaluation (UCLA), Harvard, NC State, Virginia Tech etc. and a range of Fortune 500 companies. They are accepted across industries as one of the most effective methods of training and assessment.

  • Induces Flow
  • Situational and Experimental
  • Learning by Doing
  • Gamified - Engaging, Challenging, Rewarding
  • Formative Feedback
  • Critical Thinking and Decision Making