Corporate Chronicle 2 Details

Developed for one of the largest Fortune 50 Financial corporations, this Virtual Career path framework takes users from the time they join as Analysts through various 3D immersive gaming scenarios/interventions, encompassing role playing, decision making, experiential learning, case studies and such which assess their current skills and competencies and tracks it against what is required at their current levels and directs them forward through various aspirational career paths through various lines of businesses for right through the CFO level directing them to live mentors, on going trainings or existing materials/modules in the LMS based on the formative and adaptive assessments.

Further at the back end it gives a dashboard and feedback to management on users’ progress and assessments.

Being developed in phases this project is being developed as a robust virtual framework consisting of expandable modules that all employees at all levels can use on an ongoing basis.

  • Released: April 2017
  • Client:

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