Classroom Teacher Training 3D-Simulation Details

Developed for one of the largest publishing houses and now being used as a model for immersive professional development & teacher training , this web-based/stand alone role playing and decision making simulation facilitates classroom role-playing geared at preparing teachers for real-life classroom situations.

Each learning module will guide students through a teaching scenario involving a critical and often-encountered classroom situation in which students will be prompted to make “teacher” decisions at multiple points during that scenario. At each of those decision points, the scenario action will “branch” into continued action that results from the decision made by the user.

Throughout the course of the branching scenarios, the students will be presented with timely opportunities to review “expert” advice by a Virtual Mentor during the Simulation based on the decisions they have made. As such, students will be encouraged to review alternate paths to learn from the outcomesThe Decision Making Simulations will allow students, and their professors, to capture their decision-paths (online and print report) for purposes of analysis, reflection and remediation.

  • Released: March 2012
  • Client:Pearsons

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